Do you qualify?

If you have just experienced the loss of a loved one and find yourself with limited financial options, we may be able to help. Please answer the following questions to see if you qualify:

  1. Does your loved one have a bank account?

  2. Does your loved one have investment or retirement accounts?

  3. Does your loved one have a life insurance policy?

If you answered NO to all three questions you are qualified for our assistance.

If you answered YES to any of the questions please answer the following:

  • Is the combined value of those accounts and/or policies less than $3,000?

If the combined value is less than $3,000 you still qualify.

If the combined value is more than $3,000 the foundation feels there are adequate finances for a memorial service. Therefore you are not qualified for our assistance. 

Please be prepared to provide recent documentation of the aforementioned accounts / policies to your funeral director and to the Foundation Board.

You qualify. Now what?

The next step towards receiving our assistance is a simple one.

All we ask is for the BRYCE DAY MEMORIAL FOUNDATION to be the sole memorial fund in your loved one's published obituary. We make this request to ensure that every contribution made in your loved one's name is applied directly towards the cost of their funeral service.

If more than one memorial fund is listed in the obituary we must decline our assistance.

How does this work?

Once approved, the foundation agrees to provide a minimum of $1000 towards the cost of your loved one's funeral service. We require that the memorial fund listed in your loved one’s obituary be designated to the Bryce Day Memorial Foundation. The proceeds of the memorial fund will be used to help offset the foundation’s $1000 donation. At the conclusion of the funeral service, your funeral director will mail the memorial fund proceeds to the foundation. Should your loved one's memorial fund proceeds be more than $1000 we will pay all of the proceeds (up to the total funeral cost) to your funeral service provider.

  • For example, if contributions to the memorial fund are $1200 then the foundation will make an additional $200 payment to the funeral service provider.